The Fall of Night  pre-order campaign is live!

There are 3 tiers + special pricing, if you purchase through Stonehouse:

Tier 1: A limited edition print of Lost Horse Creek, a bookmark, signed book plate, and vintage postcard.

Tier 2: Two limited edition prints of Lost Horse Creek and the Lone Lake Camp, a bookmark, two signed book plates, and a vintage postcard.

Tier 3: A quote bookbag, Hunter's Coffee Shop mug, two limited edition prints, a bookmark, three signed book plates, and a vintage postcard.

*If you buy from a different store, send a copy of your receipt(s) to
Open internationally!

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Booksmith's is US-based.

Owl's Nest is Canada-based

Recent Releases:

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SwitchbackMacmillan (US).

May 28, 2019 (hardcover)

Price: $17.99 USD  

E-Book:  $7.00 USD

All the Feels,  Macmillan (US).

Price: $9.99 USD / $11.50 CDN

E-Book:  $7.09 USD

Edge of Wild, (Mystery) 

Stonehouse (Canada)

Price: $19.95 CAD

E-Book:  $8.99 CAD 

The Dark Divide, (Mystery)

Stonehouse (Canada). 

Price: $19.95 CAD

E-Book:  $8.99 CAD

Fall of Night, (Mystery) Stonehouse (Canada).

Price: $19.95 CAD

E-Book: $8.99

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