Reviews & Praise:

"There’s coffee, there’s action, there’s more than one adorable 
romance… what more could you want?!." (Sip Sip Bang Bang)
amanda lovelace, bestselling author of the princess saves herself in this one

"A delightful and frothy confection full of action and 
all the best fic tropes that coffeeshop AU enthusiasts will enjoy, 
from the flirty banter to the high stakes in this delightful 
thrill ride of a novel." (Sip Sip Bang Bang)
C.B. Lee, Lambda Literary Award-nominated author of the Sidekick Squad series

"A double shot of action and breathless suspense, topped with a sweet
 foam of budding romance. . . Danika Stone’s SIP SIP BANG BANG redefines 
romcom limitations with a strong, relatable heroine and a hero who isn’t afraid to 
show his vulnerability... pulse pounding escapism at its best." (Sip Sip Bang Bang)
Gillian French, Edgar / Bram Stoker / ITW Thriller Award nominated author of The Missing Season

"One of the Best YA Books of 2019." (Switchback)
"Best Books for Children and Teens", November 2020

"A harrowing tale of survival, a vivid ode to the 
beautiful but unforgiving Canadian wilderness, and a gorgeous 
story of friendship all rolled into one." (Switchback)
Sarvenaz Tash, author of The Geek's Guide to Unrequited Love and Virtually Yours

"I read this in one sitting. It was incredibly quick and well done. 
Like Hatchet but on a mountain." (Switchback)
Adam Sockel, Professional Booknerds Podcast

we love our aroace icon Vale <3333"  (Switchback)
Vicky Who Reads, Goodreads Reviewer

“An enjoyable, fast-paced read to which teens will relate 
because of the social media–influenced format.” (Internet Famous)

"For readers interested in fandom, Internet Famous 
will certainly hit the mark. But it is the pull and tug of family and friends, 
 underlying loyalties and the threat of a vicious online 
'troll' that will keep all readers engrossed." (Internet Famous)
CM Magazine

"There is much to enjoy here. Savvy readers will appreciate 
the author’s inclusion of social media; Madi's story is partially told 
through blog posts, texts, and Snapchats."  (Internet Famous)
VOYA Magazine

“Fandom goodness! Adorable LI! Cutest text exchanges! Even a little mystery?!? 
Adored this great read!! Go pick it up right now!” (Internet Famous)
Kelly Zekas, author of These Vicious Masks

"A delightful young adult novel that dives 
into the not-so-delightful world of cyber-bullying.” (Internet Famous)
Erin Rolfson, Quillable

"Part romance, part family drama, part mystery, 
part suspense/thriller, Internet Famous is modern and fresh, with a 
bit of nostalgia thrown in for us older readers.” (Internet Famous)
Lynda Dickson, Books Direct

"A coming of age novel for Generation Y...
Stone weaves a story that pays homage to heroines like Elizabeth Bennett 
or Bridget Jones, but keeps the language fresh and submerges 
the reader into the world of fandom and con." (All the Feels)

"EVERY fangirl needs to read this when it comes out. 
I spent all 300 pages swooning and laughing." (All the Feels)
Amanda Lovelace, author of The Princess Saves Herself in this One

"Cute, fandom-y, and a super unique love 
interest who's actually an on-page bi boy!"  (All the Feels)
Dahlia Adler, author of Last Will and Testament 

"An ode to fandom, All the Feels is a book any fangirl 
who has loved and lost a character, like Wash from “Firefly” 
or Fred Weasley, will love."  (All the Feels)
Teen Reads, June 2016 

"All the Feels is exactly what is promises: a light fun romance 
that will make you proud to be a fangirl."  (All the Feels)

"Readers looking for insight into the world of fandom, young love 
and self-realization will not be disappointed with Stone’s All the Feels
Highly Recommended."  (All the Feels)
CM Magazine, June 2016

"One of the most fun and swoon-worthy books I have ever read in my life...
Buy this book. Read this book. FANGIRL OVER THIS BOOK." (All the Feels)
Leah, Goodreads

"I loved everything about this book...
Who should read it? Fangirls everywhere." (All the Feels)

"Danika wrote a book that tells OUR STORY, she wrote a book that reflects 
Fay Sebastian, Goodreads

"This is an incredibly engaging story … 
Overall, this was a compelling and engaging read. I only started reading this last night 
 and feel like I’ve known Liv and Xander for years. Well done!” (All the Feels)
Catherine Tinker, Swoon Reads Reviewer.

"Lovely story that captured the highs and 
lows of fandom life perfectly."  (All the Feels)
Emily Maddox , Swoon Reads Reviewer.

"Emotionally powerful immersion into the arts scene." (Intaglio)  
Clare Chu, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer.

"I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the 
material as well as the sensuality of it!" (Intaglio)  
Niki Tee, Amazon Reviewer.

"Danika Stone writes with the same incredible energy with which 
her characters create... Her work is taut, energetic, and fast-paced." (Intaglio) 
M. Parker, Editor.

"An all around excellent read." (Ctrl Z)
L. Sims, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer. 

"In her powerful second novel, Stone once again 
creates a captivating cast of characters and weaves a rich, 
complex world around them." (Ctrl Z
E. Dropkin, author of A Lamentation of Swans.

"This book deserves a solid 5 out of 5 stars... I loved every second. 
It was a page turner and I could not put it down." (Icarus)
P. Bradish, Comfort Book Blog.

"I really loved this story, and I absolutely loved Danika Stone's writing. 
She did a beautiful job of using mythology to show the powers working in Tess' life..." (Icarus)
R. Landry, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer.