A Ghost Story

"Danika Stone is a stone cold thriller genius." 

Gareth L Powell, award-winning author 

of Ragged Alice and the Embers of War trilogy

Inescapable: A Ghost Story (Stonehouse Publishing, 2023)

Trying to come to terms with the passing of her husband, an acclaimed and controversial Canadian artist, Aimee Westerberg is spiralling into depression instead. Her identity as George Westerberg’s younger second wife has thrown her into a fight with his family over the estate, Troubled and grieving, Aimee escapes into her work as an art-restorer at Calgary’s Glenbow museum, only to find herself pursued by Bear Cardinal, a journalist writing an exposé on the infamous artist’s entangled life. But dealing with Bear is far from her only worry… As Aimee tries to piece together the true character of her late husband, her fragmented memories come into contact with what appears to be a phantom version of George. Is this obsessive ghost truly her husband, determined to maintain his hold on her, or some darker suggestion of Aimee’s own mind? Unable to mourn while tormented by a poltergeist, Aimee must figure out how to un-tether herself from her troubled past, and escape forces from both this world and beyond.

Inescapable: A Ghost Story, Stonehouse Publishing (Canada)

Release Date: June 1, 2023

Price: $19.95 CAD

E-Book: $8.99

ISBN: 978-1-988754-30-7