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Cover design K. Goble.

Back Cover:

Summary: It’s hard being the ‘new kid’ at school, but for troubled senior, Tess Novak, who’s moved more times than she can remember, it’s a role she knows by heart. So when she meets honor student Drew Martinez on yet another first day, she is unnerved by the odd sense they’ve met before. But when?

Their friendship sparks a scorching romance, but fearing her father’s reaction to it, Tess insists on keeping the relationship a secret. As the semester passes, Tess is assigned a series of blog posts, but writing them unearths lost memories of her childhood. With each new post bringing her closer to the truth, Tess must decide whether she wants to continue living a lie, or break free of her secrets… even if it means losing the one person she loves.

Cover design by K. Goble.