"Ava "Booker" Brooks:  A young graffiti artist and university student struggling to find her way through the complicated venue of the Modern Art scene. As dreams and waking life begin to mix, Ava must find a way to balance her own needs and desires or be caught in a pattern that seems determined to bring her and Cole together.  

Cole Thomas: An enigmatic sculptor whose wildfire attraction to Ava Brooks shocks them both.  Cole begins to experience a number of disturbing dreams as the intensity of their connection grows, hinting at some inexplicable connection they both share.  

Qaletaqa "Kip" Chambers: Celebrity graffiti-artist and toast of the Modern Art world, Kip Chambers is drawn to the raw emotions in the graffiti tags of "Booker": an as-yet-unknown graffiti artist.    

Marcus "Chim" Baldwin and Suzanne Quan:  Fellow university students and friends of Ava's, Chim and Suzanne are forced to witness the increasingly worrisome events surrounding Cole and Ava, as friendships are made and broken, and moments from the past connect with the present day events.