Meet the Characters:

As an 'army brat', Tess Novak has spent her entire life on the move, so it's just one more school to forget about when she and her father arrive in Fairborn Ohio. With a troubled history, Tess has been warned that this time she can't screw up - though she knows that it is only a matter of time before the inevitable happens. A chance encounter with A student, Drew Martinez, changes everything. 

Drew Martinez  has moved more times than he can remember, so he  knows what it's like to always be the new kid in school, but it's more than sympathy which draws him to Tess Novak. As they work on a school project together, he grows increasingly certain he's met her before. But when...? 

Kyle Hamilton is Tess's only friend in the world, and one of the few people who knows of her troubled past. But with so much holding their friendship together, can Kyle help Tess to help herself, or is he destined to watch her mess things up the way she's done all the times before?