Meet the Characters:

Indigo Sykes is a woman with a past… one she’s spent years trying to forget.  Beautiful but damaged, Indigo is determined to keep her history hidden by any means necessary.  When she meets Jude Alden, she sees the type of man she ndishould be involved with, rather than the troubled men she so often seeks out.  

From the outside, Jude Alden seems to have his life together: friends, a job, and the woman of his dreams; Indigo Sykes.  The trouble is, nothing as simple as it seems.  With his sights set on his ‘big break’, Jude agrees to design an illegal hacking program, but soon discovers just how dangerous this job can be.

Tyrone "King" Fischer is the city’s mob boss and a man whose sinister reputation is feared even in the criminal underworld.  With both police and politicians on his payroll, King coordinates a complex ring of illegal activities. 

Luca Brin is King's right hand man, and the second-most powerful man in the crime underworld.  In charge of 'enforcement', Luca's strange sense of old-world honour, and criminal tendencies make him a man no one will risk provoking.