Meet the Characters:

College freshman, Liv Walden, has never been good with face to face relationships. Her online friends are Liv’s connection to the outside world, the Starveil fandom her one and only driving passion. But when Liv’s beloved character, Captain Matt Spartan, is killed off during the final moments of Starveil Five, she is shaken to the core. She swears to bring Spartan’s character back from the dead. (Read more...)


Liv’s best friend is Xander Hall, a fellow geek and Steampunk aficionado. Xander is a drama student at the University of Colorado Liv convinces to take on the role of Major R.C. Malloy in her viral videos. Though Xander has little interest in the Starveil fandom, he becomes the face of Liv’s Liv’s #SpartanSurvived revolution. (Read more...)


Captain Matt Spartan is the main character of the Starveil franchise, a science fiction epic which has raked in millions over the last decade. Spartan has a massive online fanbase, including @LivOutLoud, @StarVeilBrian1981 and @JoesWoes. (Read more...)

Spartan’s character is written by Mike R. Miles and portrayed by actor Matt Grander.


Katherine Walden is a single mom, and Liv’s remaining parent. After the death of Liv’s father during a carjacking, Katherine was forced to raise their daughter alone.