Meet the Characters:

Madi Nakama has the perfect life. With fantastic grades, an online following of millions for her pop-culture MadLibs site, and a funemployment master plan, it seems little can get in her way. But when her mother abandons the family to follow her own dreams, Madi's picture-perfect life comes crashing down around her. Her online friends come to the rescue!


Laurent Abelard is a French high school student on exchange to New York. His love of comic books draws him into the MadLibs blog where he strikes up a friendship (and romance!) with the writer: MadLibs. When the careful separation of Madi's online and RL breaks down, Laurent is quick to help her uncover who is trolling her.

Sarah Nakama is Madi's younger sister and best friend. When the family's schedule is thrown apart by Julia Nakama's departure, Sarah relies on her sister Madi to maintain the tenuous balance of the family.