Captain Matt Spartan:

(Excerpt from Chapter 1, All the Feels)

"Dragnat all anyway," a voice grumbled.

From the far corner of the room, a rugged man with sweat-slicked blond hair limped into a view, a little girl wearing an oversized freighter captain's jacket a step behind him. Both carried blasters - the jumped-up weapon of the Rebellion - though the child's dragged along the floor, too heavy for her thin arms. The man's broad shoulders were hunched in anger, his expression determined despite the bloody slice across one cheekbone and the bullet wound spreading blood below his right knee. He glanced both ways.

Faint beeping filled the air, the time remaining flashing on panels around the room.

1:32... 1:31... 1:30... 1:29...

The child stared up at him with wide eyes. "Spartan?"

He gazed longingly at the escape pod. "The bugs are still at it." Perhaps forty feet separated the craft from the mismatched pair, but there were at least twice that many feeders blocking their path. "Gonna be a hell of a fight to get through."